Tuesday, September 29, 2009

how star found his family

after 4 months with star we reached the crisis point. was leaving the country for at least 2 weeks and the rescue had nowhere to keep our poor boy. luckily, strangely, a family with a baby was looking to adopt a pitbull and while they asked after only females, the rescue somehow convinced them to try things out with a male that needed at least 2 weeks of care and shelter. no, he wasn't tested with cats, and no, he wasn't entirely housetrained due to various dietary problems combined with a 5th floor walkup, but i did know he was great with kids and would not attack another animal (chase, yes - absolutely)...

anyway, after many frustrated emails between continents, a lot of trial and error with the family's resident cat, and finally enough crate training and diet control to keep the accidents from recurring - star was officially adopted. the best part was that during that whole foster-to-adopt process i got to dog sit star twice, for a week at a time. so bear got her playmate back and i got to parade star around the dog park and announce his good fortune. the family is off on another unexpected trip in a few weeks but this time i can't watch star; i'm devastated!! as much work as it is to take care of 2 dogs in the city in the middle of school, work, and other typical life drama, i love every time star shoves his way into our lives and proceeds to give people his full body hug, which start with a big skull nuzzle to the neck and end with him flopping down on his side right on your chest, all the while legs flailing and tail wagging, snorting at you in between administering kisses.

to our little buddy, aka ghostface killah to the men at the park who play chess, and star to his forever family, thanks for persevering long enough to find your home. the joy you show when you hear their voices over the intercom every time they come back for you is the best indication i know that you are really really finally home. just promise you'll still visit sometimes ok!?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

rufus wainwright will believe in love and all that it's supposed to be ...

little buddy - you always stand just outside the kitchen with your muzzle pressed up against the bars of the baby gate i use to keep you away from the burning stove. the bars cover your eyes, i can't see anything but your nose and the giant skull looming behind it. you sit there impatiently, somehow still staring intently even with your vision barred. bear sits behind you and groans, her suffering so audibly intense. you butt slips away on the wood floors, so you constantly shift to keep as close as possible to the delicious smells.

you are still skinny, but you shit better than ever, hooray for low-residue iams. it stinks of fish, and it makes you fart, but it's an improvement.

you're still urchiny, but so much better than when you first got to us, i hope it doesn't worry people that your bones stick out and the scabs on your ankles and elbows aren't totally gone. at least running around in the sand and pebbles of the park have scrapped off most of that nasty fungus growing on your claws. haha, did i mention you still look like a refugee? i guess you still are..

i love taking you to the dog run and watching you play with the small sweet dogs, or run full speed to chase me. at night, when you gaze up in the branches looking for rodents or stars or something i almost feel you're mine. but - you soak up love and affection w/o prejudice. you love everyone, you love anyone. so it's up to a family to decide you'll be theirs forever; you'll be a sweet boy wherever you go, someone just has to claim you once and for all. in a few days we'll see if the first family in line to meet you is going to be the one you finally go home to...

Friday, July 4, 2008

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